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2 chainz – better dope lyrics


[hook: 2 chainz]
i’m thinking about moving to mexico (x2)
got my raw paper filled with texaco
all i ever wanted was some better dope
better dope (x4)

[verse 1: cap 1]
gold in a n-gga [?]
the window tinted
i got a tahoe for the heaters
[?] up on the money cuz i feel like i could get it
all of this work, i be feeling like el jefe
tatted up and looking like a ese’
got a pocket rocking on me in the [?]
got a hundred pounds or a gallon, out in one day
break out the [?] and i bring it to you
made it out the projects, holla hallelujah
slanging the fish, on the phone, barracudas
n-ggas shoot rugers, putting hoes in madudas
mace in my[?] h-lla coca
step off the plane with work and pennacchio
with the mexico the bigger mocha m-th-
money keep coming, my cup runneth over


[verse 2: 2 chainz]
pull up on a n-gga with the packs
give a n-gga this and serve a n-gga with a strap
told em when it come to the commas, think a n-gga momma put her in a honda, drive her straight down the ramp
yeah i need a stamp, cuz a n-gga might send it
you know i need racks, cuz a n-gga might spend it
i could buy a back, when i pad that
all i ride is [?] n-gga i’m allergic to hemis
i could take a brick and turn that sh-t to a bentley
i could take a village and turn it to a mansion
i’m about dinero and i’m rockin’ a sombrero
all i scream is church, like a n-gga tryna pastor
pull up (x5)
d-mn boy looking like a computer
still down the [?]
all i talk is chicken, like i’m wooping it at hoodas
on the low man, low [?] noodles
29 grams if it come with the plastic
got a brick the same color alaska
stretching the [?] like i would to a elastic
i can go slow then i can go faster
been graduated, been flipping my [?]
i might move away, cuz these hoes har-ssing