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2 foot yard – octopus lyrics


i`ve got three hearts, and one`s for you.
it`s only big enough for two.
it`s lined with petals and it`s cozy like an igloo.
come in any time you`re feeling blue
cause of my three hearts, this one`s for you.

i`ve got three hearts, and one`s all mine.
in it, i can loose all sense of time.
it`s filled with paper dolls, and parasols,
and notes in crumpled b-lls i left behind
for you to find.
keep out, it says upon the wooden sign.

i`ve got three hearts and one`s condemned.
it`s seams are ripped, it`s walls, i cannot mend.
it`s piled high with things i`ve stolen,
bits of days that push the swollen doors,
this little structure can`t contend.
it`s p-ssion will turn out to be it`s end.