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2 humpz – brandz lyrics


[intro: 2 humpz]
hilfiger polo (yuh ay)
hilfiger polo (yuh ay)
hilfiger polo (what yuh)
hilfiger polo (ay)

[chorus 1: 2 humpz]
hilfiger polo (huh yuh)
sponsor my logo (ay)
skin look like cocoa (huh yuh)
dead like a dodo (ay yuh)
boy you a h0m- (yuh ay)
yeah you got mono (yuh ay)
dress like a hobo (hm yuh)
you be running solo (ay yuh)

[bridge: 2 humpz]
hilfiger polo
hilfiger polo (yuh ay)
hilfiger polo (yuh ay)
hilfiger polo (yuh ay)

[verse 1: 2 humpz]
look at these brands on my chest (yuh)
now i be wearing some guess (yuh)
gucci supreme coming next (yuh)
calvin all over my sweats (yuh)
even my name got a brand (yuh)
color my khakis like sand (yuh)
henna all over her hand (yuh)
chillin with me and my band (ay)
imma pull up on yo block (block)
nautica sail on my sock (yuh)
tags on my shoes when i walk (yuh)
american eagle or hawk (yuh)
spike goin down with that heat (yuh)
serve it like bon appet-t (yuh)
wallet got bens lookin neat (yuh)
hilfiger slides on my feet (yuh)

[chorus 2: 2 humpz]
hilfiger polo (ay yuh)
all of these logos (yuh ay)
you a hobo (yuh ay)
hilfiger polo (yuh ay)
hilfiger polo (yuh ay)
brands make them loco (yuh ay)
flexin every photo (ay yuh)
hilfiger polo (ay)

[verse 2: 2 humpz]
got a full on beard in the 9th grade
like a student athlete, never paid
all these other dudes tryna get laid
man i just tryna make it out safe
ain’t really tryna throw some shade
money go poof like a smoke grenade
can barely afford some gatorade
all y’all need financial aid

[verse 1: tobi] [adlibs: tukiki]
tobi, ay, yuh, hey
where my hundreds i should be paid cause i’m flexin’ (flex)
teacher wrote it on the board i understand the lesson (lesson)
my goals are over there oh man i am stretchin’ (stretch)
i think you really love the perfect picture that i’m sketchin’
it’s a blessin’
made you question
second guessin’
why you sweatin’?
rules i’m bendin’
rumors spreadin’
act testin’ (test)
you are ready know to the top yeah i’m headin’ (heading)
i know you got the money no transactions even pendin’ (pending)

[bridge: tobi] [adlibs: tukiki]
yuh breathe that aire puro that i breathe (breathe breathe)
where you think you’re going please don’t leave (leave leave)
they say that we won’t make it won’t succeed (succeed)
this music ain’t a want it’s a need (hey hey)

[verse 2: tobi]
oh woah take a step back now
just like harden at the three makin’ moves you is crossed now (what)
make good choices, please don’t take the bad route
why you makin’ me mad?
make me wanna scream
make me wanna shout (ay)
i’m glad that i hopped on the verse
hope the money never go in reverse (reverse ay)
i put this up on god man my rhymes ain’t a curse (nope)
i’m the super hero gave the lady back her purse (hero)