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2 live crew – 2 live lyrics


beat, beat, beat, beatbox
beat, beat, beat, beatbox
beat, beat, beatbox
beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beatbox

[verse 1: fresh kid ice]
listen party people, let me tell you this
something i know you can’t resist
we came here tonight to let you know
that we are the crew, gonna steal the show
’cause the time is now for you to see
how our crew, came to be
so get on the floor, take a chance
this is the time to get to dance

[verse 2: fresh kid ice]
the rap you hear is our claim to fame
so everyone in hip hop, will know our name
with mixx on the tables and kid on the mic
gonna give everybody, what they like
he’s known in california, as the sensation
with his style of mixin’, he’s taking the nation
whenever you see him, it’s a treat
’cause one thing he never does is lose the beat

[verse 3: fresh kid ice]
he cuts so quick, like the jam master
he scratches so quick, even egypt ain’t faster
than the fresh dj, mister mixx
with his quick hand speed and a bag of tricks
he’s a one of a kind, guaranteed to play
all the new jams that’s out today
with the kid on the mic, he can’t be stopped
come on mister mixx, it’s time you rock

[verse 4: fresh kid ice]
we got two mcs who are down by law
we got so many rhymes you never heard before
we don’t like to brag, or even boast
but people like our rhymes from coast to coast
like luke skywalker, i got the force
wherever i rhyme, i am the boss
’cause i’m one mc who do it all
anytime i battle, i will not fall
i’m 5-foot six got a mellow voice
to show you why we the people’s choice
we’re the 2 live crew saying goodbye
c’mon mr. mixx end it with style!

now whatcha gonna do?