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2 mello – rock the beat! lyrics


on the mic with the lyrical weapons
let it bang just to keep y’all steppin
tokyo-to is the city i’m reppin

art and music collab intersection
bring it on if you think you can hang
but if not then let me ease your pain
got a lotta years on my belt so my p-ssion is felt
and it’s living through the things that i sang
they want me to come and come off the mic stay silent shut up
if they cut off my tongue then the records i’ll cut up
if they cut off my hands then i’ll use my feet
kick the beat, rock the beat, flip the beat
live the beat, master and give the beat
hit the street, spin wheels make connects and sleep
which is something i ain’t had all week, i’m all weak
cold bleak but you know it’s that heat when i speak
the streets are filled with blood
we’re running out of options
the rich are in their houses
we’re gonna buy their coffins
i wish i knew my future
i dream about it often
i sharpen weapons, softly
from now there ain’t no stoppin
rock the f-cking beat