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2 mile hill – 1985 lyrics


1985 was a good year
the 6th month, the 9th day, the first born is now here
destiny already made clear
a gemini, mother know exactly why she chose this name-sake of mine
the summit i will climb, the dumbing i decline, no puppet no pantomime
looking to leave a legacy
legit and legal, levitate spread my wings like pegasus
royal and regal like i’m fly like a eagle
to the sea silly-dilly, reveal the illy
keep calm and still be litty
and every deed i do, know i do deliberately
employ my literacy, deploy it vigorously
rigorously i will render resistance to surrender
get at the epicentre, shake out the pretenders, offenders
beware, shift from ’round here
ain’t got ’nuff energy to spare, time to disappear, be aware
day ones come first serve
you should know that your place can be earned
love to give but respect must be learned
believe how easy this bridge can be burned