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2 raw for the streets – cassidy b freestyle lyrics


[verse: cassidy]
my boys official, i make sure they get you
cass get in that ass like toilet tissue
i got more than issues, ain’t nice as it seem
i thought when i got a deal i could just write and get cream
i seen videos, n+ggas’ ice in the screen
but that ain’t what it’s like, that whole life is a dream
that’s why i still pump in the street
‘cause this rap game designed to make your record company eat
nuttin’ is cheap, them beats, a arm and a leg
you’d be surprised what you spend for a song these days
so you artists that play with many budgets
drop a album, n+ggas dub it, y’all don’t make a penny from it
i seen plenty come in, not happy they did
and to be truthful, all the hot rappers is dead
y’all not stopping the kid, me ock and shiz
the next pun, pac and big
listen, i’ll grab the hockey mask and rob for cash
i’ll let the shottie blast, i don’t lollygag
pull it out my pants, creep somebody ass
the ambulance bring the sheets and the bodybags
last cat that tried to body cass
disappeared and spent like a half year in a body cast
i understand why y’all probably mad
i got a hot strip and i chop bricks like karate class
[?] i be hitting up the alley stash
i got that coke in that gate n0body has
f+ck a bank i got a closet stash
two ducatis attached to the back of the new body jag
e pills for the scallywags
and i gotta pay bills so i’m tryna get cosby cash
more money more problems, i’m working with both
but your problems is worse when you broke
stop the tape, turn the godd+mn cameras off
the eight, will lift ya’ chest like grandma bras
i stand on ya’ roof like santa claus
pop you, and watch you die like ‘ana ross
i don’t care how much the hammer cost
it don’t matter dog, i order guns out the catalogue
and why the f+ck would i be mad at y’all?
i done yukon’ed the truck, and i diamond+cut caddy dog
i bury y’all, no wake and coffin
n+ggas ice look nice ‘til i’m taking it off ‘em
i realize it’s fake then i’m breaking his jaw and
i’ll have him holding his face, shaking, convulsing
you pay fees to breathe, i charge you for walking
i got a job for you, and tomorrow you starting
my dogs signed now, but we still starving and barking
i rock pink panther, your sh+t marvin the martian