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2 thingz (rapper) – haikus for my fading memory lyrics


you took me to task
all i did was bust my -ss
for you i’d skip cl-ss

going home monday
after drunk fights on sunday
forget you one day

we’d sit on the gr-ss
hit it but you never p-ss
knew it wouldn’t last

just wanna party
thinking about it sp-rs-ly
it’s hazy largely
but proportionally
you made a portion of me
i know i’ll keep it
but all the regret
it wasn’t worth it for love
or what i thought love
yet it slipped by me
your kiss was how you tied me
and now i am trapped
don’t know how to act
running myself down the track
can’t ever relax
like stepping on tacks
who said opposites attract?
had me on my back
now you take it back
you heard that i’m pretty stacked
want me for my cash

treated me like trash
our connection went and crashed
now you wanna splash

my pool is private
and no you can’t come by it
i’m not a pilot
this sh-t doesn’t fly
but yeah it was a nice try
see you when we die