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2 thingz (rapper) – heated lyrics


we never argued but we never agreed
what can i do to fulfill your greed
i look at you, what can you tell me?
you hear it all when you look at me
seventeen years full of naive fears, i was so insecure and so unprepared
and by that i mean that i was g-y and alone
i invited you into my family home
thirty two minutes and my mom didn’t like you
three more minutes and my hands around your neck
i wanted you to know that i’m aware of how to lie, too
your facebook page says you live in quebec
but you were never one to say the real things
you do what the f-ck you feel, f-ck the feelings
i step up to the plate, time to pitch, b-tch
throw away some words at the altar like a sad witch

underneath me is the carpet and the floor and the dirt
slightly lower is the top of your self worth
a swimming pool got zoned in my backyard
when we dug it up, found the water and the blood on the gl-ss shards
it’s hard, but i think i can just make out with you
and maybe i’ll forget about the last part
when you told me it would crash hard
like my stepmom’s last car
you’ve got too much sp-ce to be simple but you don’t use it well
you’ve got the camera on the gimbal, instagram in h-ll
i’ll check back when you tell me everything is going well
your new girlfriend’s a sugar momma, wasn’t hard to tell