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2 thingz (rapper) – starting again lyrics


[verse 1: heart eyes emoticon]
breaking up is like breaking the bread
except it’s all backwards and it’s all in your head
and what you’re taking from the breaking is emblazoned like amazing light
but i avoid the fights
but now, alone at night
i ponder it, cleaner than the money when you launder it
pull apart the puzzle pieces, getting back what’s on the tin
appearances are everything when we’re involved with it
and it’s some ugly sh-t

[bridge: heart eyes emoticon]
i saw you as a way to get back to what i wanted again (to what i wanted again)
but what i got was a way to feel bad for getting started again (so now i’m starting again)

[verse 2: heart eyes emoticon]
i’m not saying that i’m gonna regret
anything we did or all the things that we said
objectively i wanted you in my bed
but now i’m losing it, it’s all in the red
i don’t think anyone was asking too much
but now i almost feel like i’m out of touch
with what the goal is, it’s like the super bowl is
cause half the time, you know, the music’s a crutch
spread a line up on the paper and such
i’m talking words but you can take it as much
in your way as you like, but you should know that i might
just decide, that you should probably take a major in psych
you’re not dissecting me, see it when you’re texting me
but it’d be simple if i always had you next to me
you know, unfortunately
in the beginning meant a fortune to me
but it was torturing me
breaking sincerity held torches to me
burned alive, it was a one and a five
you know, this thing took 10 percent of my life
and now the end of it, feeling like the elephant
the only one who didn’t realize we were ending it
i read the message as i’m sending it
there’s no mistakes i’m never bending it
a final kiss is something i would miss
i’m injured, but i’m good at mending it