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2-tone ft: – slow west lyrics


yuri yuri:
so many secrets their are plenty maybe more then 20, just know
that i did my best, i know, you know…so many tears i’ve made you
cry it’s hurts inside that you lie, just know that i did my best i know you
know… a brighter day, a day i know you’ll see my eyes again i know but
until that day comes along will have to waittt cause life goes, life goes (3x’)

tears falling down my face straight to the page water stains on the paper
reminds me of pain you ask me to speak but there’s more to say ain’t no
way i was saving it till the f-ckin grave as i look up and see the fam all i
see is aid since that day my grandfather has not been the same his mind
is sick the day changes he brain remains he still think your alive babe
that sh-t cray words can really never explain neglected from love ones will
never be okay your family of twos given also with your name replace here
to love, learn, and help save we all sitting in a f-cked up maze we don’t believe
in god, but yet we still wanna pray we scared of the truth and selfish so we
straight it ain’t only the homeless people asking for change rest in peace to
to my lovely kate i’m so sorry i wasn’t there for your final days and please forgive
me for my selfish ways i swear stab me in my heart to stand and watch you lay
i felt less of a man that i could f-ckin take, care of a sick grandmother needed me
everyday you didn’t walk for 5 years you didn’t need a cage laying in the same
place how you not go insane now you gone and now i got no way to keep the faith i fail
you and just left you to be displayed any reason of leaving you was simply lame
don’t know where you went but know you in a better place…

yuri yuri:
a brighter day, a day i know you’ll see me eyes again i know but until that day
comes along will have to waittt……