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20 guys – foreign tractor lyrics


i just done f-cked my cousin, yeehaw
guns i just bought a dozen, yeehaw
i dont f-ck wit no muslim, yeehaw
i’m my own sister husband, yeehaw

i just k!lled a moose, f-ck a sneaker rock my boots
i was ridin in my truck, told my dog i wanna f-ck
i was drankin on a budweiser, fox news now i’m much wiser
i voted for trump, f-ck obama he a chump
smokin all these cigs, got a tumor got a lump
f-ck hip hop, i like rock, f-ck a condom use my sock
f-ck a black, f-ck a brown, donald trump has got the crown
f-ck minorities im callin the authorities
smoke some f-ckin crack just to put my mind at ease
wearin all camo lookin like some d-mn trees
my d-ck is small, talk a lotta sh-t to compensate
my sh-t is stuck i think im mothaf-ckin constipate
i was cruisin in my big green tractor
im not black but im still a rapper
dropped outta school when i was in the 5th grade
went to home school, f-cked the teacher i got laid
big red confederate flag
live in b-tt f-ck nowhere so i got a lotta lag
alabama is my mothaf-ckin home, my names billy where i’m from we don’t f-ck with a jerome
i love being white, think i’m racist we can fight
when i see lebron best believe its on sight
with yo b-tch, her beds creakin in the middle of the night
watched some nhl with my boys
12 gauge, ak, yea we gotta lotta toys
i love doing chew tobacco
and i live in my big ol’ winnebago
yeah, i’m a darn redneck
welfare, where my muhf-ckin check
lil billy and im up next, yeehaw