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20 liter yoghurt – glass jars lyrics


how did she earn this treatment? it has to turn out bad
run down without reversal - so better watch your f-cking step
what goes around comes around, all goes back in the end
exploitation and destruction yet you still benefit
you see your fortune and your leverage and what’s left is neglect
oh how i wish it all was easy like that

it’s not enough to just point fingers, no one can’t take part in it
so somehow everyone’s accountable, i don’t mean what you think
we need a system change, a global system change
to get the slightest change for mother earth to recreate
it’s not the flights you’ve booked, your plastic bags, the gl-ss jars that you’ve bought
the problem’s still capitalism, no matter if it’s green or not

strangled by the curtains – innocent regret – crimson velvet’s burning – examinate

no chance for us to do it right, this train has long been out of sight
as long as the cause isn’t mentioned, efforts are illusions, just well-intentioned

meanwhile i force myself to remember our own insignificance
but haven’t’t yet decided if that’s comforting or devastating