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20 liter yoghurt – heavy swell lyrics


fear or distress, wrath or grief – i don’t know how to feel
intentionally laying all in ruins – it still seems so unreal
all bridges burnt within a few weeks – so far no sign of turning back
and of course you’re right, we have no f-cking clue about the demons in your head

in this setting of conditions it is obviously the prime aim to always act supportive and under-standing, it’s true but please show me the one who get’s this done

i want to scream at you that you’re a selfish pr-ck who’s forcing living h-ll
for his parents and for all his friends watching him drown in heavy swell
i want to shake you by the shoulder there’s no need for you to stray
i want to deeply look into your eyes and ask how could you throw your life away?

away. away. you threw it all away

and i hope i’ll never scream that way, no confession of falling through
but you should know i never thought i’d once be scared of you
i don’t want to sound cheesy, there are chances to resume
meanwhile no one dares to talk ’bout you, but you are still in every room