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2020 (rapper) – a ticket away lyrics


[verse 1: 2020]
hold up, you’re choosing me to come evacuate, emigrate from great failure and evade the states, escape this place, i’m game, the fate of the world is bleak, it’s a shame, but i won’t wait for darkness to peak
and i’m tired of news, i’m tired of the two stark views, i’m tired of guns
tired of the two loose screws, and words we choose, excuses, the way we use
school shootings to push agenda and to lose our cool
so who’s who when everybody’s getting mad just for the f-ck of it
earth is f-cked, mars is waiting for me to discover it
god d-mn, god’s plan isn’t for me
i gotta better way to get up, just know i gotta be free
and i’m a ticket away from being accepted today
people they say that being a pr-ck is the way, that being a d-ck is okay, but being a cricket is brave
so i’ll keep my mouth shut, just suck it up and obey
so do ya get it
nothing’s getting done on the planet, man it’s pathetic
every single man is a manic, it’s so poetic
how the people push and they panic, an anesthetic
could not even put us to sleep
i wish it was a dream

but it’s probably not so imma bounce
you can tell the press to confiscate my quarter of an ounce
quarter of a pound and my dose of dmt
i won’t be needing that when there’s no gravity
i’ll be so far from h-ll, so far removed from greed
tell your god d-mn rulers not to intercede
you had your chance down there, now you can burn like weed
when mother nature strikes, don’t get in touch with me
i won’t invite you up, not even if you plead
you can drown in cash as everybody bleeds
bl–dy banker blokes, you modern bourgeoisie
you’ll see that when earth falls there are no deportees
and you will all be gone
gone like the wind and winning to fall there isn’t any sorta prize at the end of the conference call, just another way to adopt a more profitable economy, we gotta be a free for all, opportunistic colony, policy and the pursuit of profit apparently
fade away and die forever, so save the economy
not the cherokee
not the f-ckin mammals undersea
not the animals that gotta a population under three
not the national parks
population of bees
archeological landmarks
forests of trees
no those are second to trucks, you suckers don’t need to breathe, we need to build more cars, right?
prolong the disease

i’m gettin’ sicker by the minute, like an underfed leech
i’m sittin’ pretty in the bottom of a barrel of bleach
i’m thinking when i finally spin it i could murder a speech
and push it to the limit like i freakin’ patented preach
(impeach the world)
the president, and all that’s beneath
your government is settin’ precedents to pulverize peace
they’re wrapping round your way of thinking like a myelin sheath
i gotta half a mind to sink into a bottle and leave
and i’m a ticket away
tick tickata bam
i’m blowing this b-tch and i’m bouncing, sick of bullsh-t and scams
there’s no time for delay
there’s no more time for the gram
i’m bowin’ out and breaking through just like a battering ram
said i’m a ticket away, forget your great uncle sam
i’m with a party of prophets and making important plans
yes i’m a ticket away
now i know what i am
i’m nothing on this planet but i’m 2020 out there man