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2020 (rapper) – speakin’ my peace lyrics


[verse 1: 2020]
i’m ill mental
feels like i’ve been losin’ my brain
my momma loves me
but she doesn’t know i’m insane
i bottle everything
cuz i’m not the type to complain
i am a loner so i disconnect from people just to maintain
f-ck gold chains, pills and cocaine, catch me at whole foods overpaying for some whole grains
my brain sucks, it likes to abuse me
so i’m going awol, (sail!)
excuse me

people that i know are stuffing girls like manicotti
as for me i’m still confused about the human body
i swear to god a lot of people act like everybody
but i don’t bother being just another carbon copy
i’m here to make an impact, in fact, my motive is intact
you know i’m in that elevator
rising, levitating, creating, and also innovating things of greater nature than my president and legislator
(yo) i think i finally found the freakin’ answer
too much hesitating isn’t how to beat the cancer
(now is finally time to live a life and be me)
(if i’m not rapper after this i’m not free)

yeah, one day i awoke and i was feeling kinda hopeless
so i clocked into my shift and i started shifting my focus
had to check myself, make sure it wasn’t psychosis
crazy creeps up, when you’re too impaired to notice
of all people i know this, but “f-ck it!” i screamed
i’ll be d-mned if i am living without following dreams
and i don’t sleep
so i fantasize every week
i guess it’s why i seem to think that i’m so freakin’ unique

so come see, i could be the biggest name this town
not even bri lee could try to overshadow me now
i’m 3-d but my soul stays astrally bound
my cd kinda sucked but words gettin’ around
muting the sound
my head stuck shut in the ground
get-gettin’ around to things better than then
i’m end-endin it now
nothin’ left to defend
we’re the same organic waste rottin away in the end
you got a pocket full of cash, i got a pocket of zen
keep on givin’ me advice and i’ll ignore it again
anybody on this earth could play the fool and pretend
that 30 years of school and money is a god send

i’m sick and tired so i’m movin’ up and outta this state
it’s been a stagnant 22 years, can you relate
whatever happens next, i do really await
and if i faceplant know that i can’t change fate
i’m not living great, not like my former cl-ssmates
raised pay, making 65k of the gate
i never play safe, gotta lotta gas in the tank
and when it mixes with my p-ssion that sh-t bursts into flames
i’m like a grenade
serenading you with my rhymes
and in the middle of a very sick and difficult time
but with a little bit of practice it’ll help me to climb
i’m not settling
i could change my life on a dime

yeah, you may think you know me but bro you don’t know the things in store
it’s no wonder that i haven’t thrived in a department store
give it a minute and i will show you what i’m livin’ for
i was made to shake it up and i can’t take it anymore

and if world war 3 doesn’t break out by the time, that i’m in my prime, i’ll be out here shifting all the paradigms
yeah, i’m just what the doctor prescribed
free from record deals, steel beams, corruption and bribes
i am lookin’ forward to the day i make a k!lling making music, rappin, rockin, givin’ love and lovin’ living
let me make it clear to you this is just the beginning
i will not slow down until i’m undoubtedly winning

and now i’m speaking my peace, and speaking for the release of every soul that’s been weighed down by the elite
in the past i sat back and just grinded my t–th, and minded the beef, and stayed blind to race and deceit
but now i’m sharing the love, staring in disbelief, at all the hate that’s being brought into our neighborhood streets
but with this heat, flowin dope over the beat, you can hear meet me in the middle while i’m speaking my peace