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207 thugs – biddo bath salts lyrics


[doctor jesus]:
b-tch i’m plastered like the ol’ dirty b-st-rd
drank a lot of whiskey so you know my d-ck is flaccid
k!ll a b-tch, drop her body in lake placid
i’m high as f-ck, drunk, and on six hits of acid

[mc kony]:
n-ggas think i couldn’t commit murder
but i’m rawer than an undercooked burger
i use my stove to cook crack
to afford my weapons to attack
i’ll admit that i’m not nice
i’ll rob your grandmother after smoking spice
i’ll make sure that your b-tch skeet
or throw her in a freezer of meat

[reggie kush]:
i’m rocking timberland, bad case, i need some ritalin
you ain’t got a brain and your breath smell like a sh-t stain
novocaine, ease the pain, let my mind drain
before i go f-cking insane

[doctor jesus]:
rocking gold chains, wearing wife beaters with blood stains
my thug n-ggas kicking -ss and taking names
pushing weight and paying off cops
planting seeds, harvesting crops
go to war, pull out all the stops
chop heads, drop dead, blood red, smoke a blunt, ’nuff said

[mc kony]:
it’s enough said, that i got
c0ke on the dresser, hand on the pistol
girl’s hand on my d-ck, now i crush up the crystal
don’t know what drug, you guess its effects
smoking l’s in the hot tub, getting rough s-x
seven days a week, that’s seven different chests
girls up on me while they pop an x

[reggie kush]:
207 k!lla, coming harder, knocking at your door with a bigger n-gga
getting jumped in the back of the dumps
best believe i got all three of the chumps, ugh
dropping acid, your girl is plastic
yes ma’am this d-ck is pretty f-cking m-ssive
back the f-ck up because you’re just a ratchet
i’m the one hit maniac, spit sh-t better than kodiak
yeah, your flow is pretty f-cking whack
fat sacks, getting fat stacks
lung full of dro and a nose full of blow, i’m the illest white boy you would like to know
i’m making moves, dan marino
dea lurking, they know, they know
that the best feeling is when you roll
roll harder in the dough, n-gga you know
weed em out, scream and shout
rob your b-tch while he moan and pout

[mc kony]:
i’m burning blunts like a mad man
spend my night doing pcp and xans
on the streets, weapon in hand
victims dead around me, jackie chan
marijuana is my addiction, but crack cocaine is my prescription
robbing the pharmacy is my mission
i’m the chief drug dealer, y’all better listen
weed em out is the motto, rawer than raw s-x, i’m in the raw dog lotto

[doctor jesus]:
crazy motherf-cker like dmx
born and raised in the biddeford projects
holding a gat, my n-gga’s holding a tec
you step into the hood, boy protect ya neck
it’s hard out there for a young drug lord
paranoid as f-ck, they got me in the psych ward
i’m on the trigger, plus i got the wu-tang sword
coming for ya, separate your head from your spinal cord

[reggie kush]:
biddo reppin’, you know i’m crippin’
going harder than scottie pippen
i’m a white rapper
i’ll chew you up and spit you out like your girl did with my condom wrapper