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209 god – fuck austin lyrics


[verse 1 – 209 god]

f-ck austin i thought you were my homie, now i find out you’re spending all my money, it’s good that i got your f-cking address, 116 ave, i’m doing something funny. better be prepared kid you know i’m coming. 50 mill or motherf-cking nothing

[verse 2 – 209 god]

your girl got with you for the thrill, let’s be real she was only after dollar bills, you fell in love kid met her at a club, i’m f-cking done kid thought he found the one, i’m only doing this sh-t for the fun, it’s just begun

[verse 3 – 209 god]

yeah i’m here to do this sh-t for real, i’m not here to make a dollar bill, no subliminals i’m getting straight to the point, but first let me go roll a f-cking joint. first night this kids girl wanted dinner, so he bought it now she back on tinder, f-ck kid get your bread up, when he sees his uncle in public in his car best believe he speeds up


[hook] – speaker knockerz]

started out with nothing i was hungry
now i got a couple n-ggas b-tches on me
f-ck n-gga i don’t wanna be your homie
i had to make a couple bands by me lonely
i had to make a couple bands by my lonely [x3]
f-ck n-gga i don’t wanna be your homie

all i wanna do is count commas
i had to make a couple bands for the come up
got kicked out the house i had no option
i was going through it with my moma
ju-juggin and finnesin had to play it raw
smoking weed dodging feds cause my head hard
when i dropped out i sad f-ck all of yall
imagin pulling up to your school in the best car
i was born in 94 i got the tattoo
i just took his b-tch thats what that cash do
if you went from broke to rich quick you would brag too
i’m sorry i finnessed you out your money but i had too