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20belows – resign lyrics


the first to sit, the last to go
won’t get up until i’m broke
but this routine is getting old
and i just find it hard to cope
with reoccurring loss of sleep
and early mornings on sore feet
perhaps it wasn’t meant to be
i p-ss the torch, admit defeat

i look around, take a deep breath
but all is done and all things said
for what it’s worth, we did our best
now it’s sadness and regret
so one last kiss i hand to you
a resignation overdue
considered as the safest move
in a game i’m bound to lose

time to break up the party and move
on our separate ways
time to get the h-ll out of here
before we both stagnate
time for me to resign and step down
before it’s too late
i need a break
i need a break