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20thcenturysuitcase – evil suitcase disstrack lyrics


verse 1
hey, evil suitcase, you’re not welcome here!
instead, i’ll give you a cup of flaming hot beer!
drink it right now until it’s gone!
if you get done, time to kick you to taiwan!
you will sleep on the floor right until dawn!
i will wake you up at 3 in the morning
and you will get used to it without warning!
if you don’t listen, i’ll cover your eyes with coffee
another one, i’ll send you a toffee
and man, this is gonna be a long boring trip
to a far away airport with food on your lip

verse 2
you look like bl–dy mary when you dread
because your everything around you as we said
i’m all fed, we are better dead than red!
ok, what’s next, oh i got an idea!
i’ll serve you diarrhea on your pancakes from korea
your reaction will be priceless, everyone would all laugh!
and all your fluids will be cut in half
when you go to the zoo, you’ll be eaten by a giraffe!

verse 3
nuclear war is better than you!
you have ink in your veins, don’t you?
i will face paint you all over your body
and i will record it and show it to everybody!
you’ll walk in mud, you’ll look all cruddy!
you come from a pound of fat green top bunkers!
you will chew on everything full of chunkers!
and look at your money, what is wrong with you?
you have 1 penny that comes from mushroom stew!
and get used to the life in the african times!
you will follow my rules or else you’ll get crimes!

rule 1: obey everything that i say!
rule 2: do everything with no delay!
rule 3: have a paper covered around your back
last rule: go back home and don’t make a comeback!