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21 lil harold – black mobb lyrics


bah, bah, bah, bah, bah
uh, uh+huh
uh, uh+huh

i call it like i see it, keep my word, dog
you ain’t had to get it out the dirt, dog
rock a lot of ice, i think i’m rick ross
she think she the sh+t, but got me p+ssed off
it’s just me and rocket bullets in this b+tch
don’t answer to me, just answer to the stick
bust it all over her mouth and in her lip, huh?
two years sleepin’ on a lil’ coach, a n+gga rich, huh?
head dada, we done caught up with your b+tch, huh?
main partner, he low down, he’ll strip somethin’
i want money out this rap ’cause it’s a l!ck, huh?
once you pull up with your b+tch, i might just hit somethin’
rest in peace to all the mob days
i miss johnny, larry, tay man, and them dog days
uh+huh, i been bangin’ since nine, dog
but ’bout this 21 sh+t, you know i’m slidin’, dog
(it’s a beat mob production)
black mob soldier— black mob soldier, n+gga keep it—
pulled up to thе club, these n+ggas scared now (uh+huh)
i got that thing, now who i’m layin’ out? (uh+huh)