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21 slaughter – freestyle lyrics


[part 1: 21 slaughter]
i am deep in smoke
i think is not a dope
coming someone through
juices on the raw
nle choppa feel the speed
genasis on the beat
i am geek on the b+tch

supreme supreme supreme
graffiti not for a king
louis vi,cabana steel
freestyle i am deep
between i am did
girls coming with the weed
eyes 33 wanna l!ck..

not more in the cash
4pf i said
one felling god
vodka in the „stad’’
around the room
caps feeling good

p+ssy messy on the street
someone take the sh+t
i think fendi on my drip
beer someone wanna drink

sucking on the car
cum on the star
is not a star
ordinary bar
pleasure stay rare
bluemotion no let the scar

lacoste that i have
i think someone shake
sitting that i need
unfortunately no more drink
is not about the sick
no quarantine i need
coronavirus peek
my ex is for a street..

[part 2: 18 chain$]
band is grinding, b+tch you finning
ain’t no rhyming, ain’t no styling
gang let’s race, gang let’s face
you ain’t me you got no taste
feel the face feel the chase
feel the mace feel the race
rolli watch on my wrist
louis vi come plot the twist
feel the shine feel the time
of this rhyme at this vine
bring the weed its a party
come right now and get the shawty
take a smoke raise it up
take a blunt and f+ck it up
b+tch you going so hard
b+tch you doing me so bad
make a song for this beat
spill some words with this sh+t
sipping drink till you fall
get the drugs don’t think at all
money falling from the sky
b+tch pretend we ain’t high ay

[outright 21 slaughter]