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21king – opp catcher lyrics


yea yeah i had your girl over last night utill 12 am he had fun i had her saying beat it beat it after that we ate chinese. hey hey i got so much smoke if you want you can come in get it because we are just two youngeens in the street of atlanta atlanta drive i pull up in the lamo he pull up in the charger but he not gonna get out because he only talk that don’t talk that walk but to the strip verse 2 you opp i’m a g you already known how that goes hit one he his arm hit another in his back,legs,he fell,came up behide him hit a fourth one in his neck to make sure i hit one in his head 6 time 6 times 6 times pull over just got another opp acting though on the gram 5 days later the police quested me i said i don’t no sh+t about a murder in downtown the white police was being racist as normal,ready ready verse 3 i’ll kck your door down if you try it me and my fam stay ready for anything smoke shoes we ready were about that live so don’t try it because you can get turn in to past tense just like pop smoke,and just like him i’m off the xan moving r+t+rded but no i’m not bypolar so don’t try it.outro outro cook it up cook it up like rick and morty making waffles for my fam for fam i do it for my fam you better not lose that load.skrrt