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21prado – activated ( tubz, young cartio, crazy m diss) lyrics


opsy daisy
why they got me going crazy
right now it ain’t safe g
find a better a place, maybe
i ain’t a rapper singer
i’m a rapper rapper
you can never do the things i did
yo crazy you a baby , turn your wifey to my lady
you can see that i’m presidential
never talk, i keep it confidential
music made you and ima dead you
stop lying you ain’t got potential
raise the bar when i come around
turn your face into a f-cking clown
i’m a leader never back down
young m one of my fans
getting no money, getting no girl
letting me down
what happened to you
roses are red, violets are blue i’m in top 10
n-gga what about you ?
i ain’t impressed, say with your chest
you my son
book a table for two
give you a pound , getting me vexed
clearly lost, go and buy you a clue
yo tubz don’t @ me
i guess n-ggas really wanna be me
n-ggas calm down you ain’t light skin
you and crazy better take a high seat
cos i’m bringing thunder and lightening
ima strike a pose with no flashing
this is part 1 take it lightly
all you bummy n-ggas never @ me
hit em with the rick flair
with the suplex
why they got two sides like a duplex
talk about me yeah you know i’m up next
this time last year i was on flex
give you facts , you my tracks, you know the lines, you know the time
rephrase the line, go bar for bar
go overdraft, compared to mine, you out of line, you make me laugh
give you nothing but a high five
i be giving you that co-sign
no one knows you ,no one cares who
n-gga go and get a re-vine
activated , activated
why them n-ggas got me activated
you don’t wanna see the other side
n-gga right now, sh-t is complicated