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21prodigy – blue lives lyrics


(interlude: white officer, detective)
-door closes and paper falls onto table-
detective: why’d you do it?
-officer stays silent for 5 seconds before the sound of metal on a table sounds (evidence bag with a gun in it)-
detective: jamal leverent
officer: it was an accident..
detective: one h-ll of an accident
officer: fine, you want an answer? f-ck you!

(verse 1: 21prodigy)
it all started on april 13, 2018
i was patrolling around and it was sunday so i was feeling care-free
i had seen a vehicle driving wack, and its brake-light was out
so i pulled them over, right off of lemont
i walked slowly to the car and was asking for registration
he handed it to me and i asked for the other information
he reached forward toward the glove-compartment
i saw a bulge on his side, i knew he was armed, just hoped he was not loaded
i handed his registration back
i said i would cut him some slack
i asked if he was armed, he got impulsive and asked if it was because he was black
i said, “hold on man, we’re getting off of track”
he quickly slung his arm and grabbed his gun
i grabbed mine and then it was done
i stared in awe at his body
i watched him shake and bleed and i wanted to stop it
i called for some medical services from the radio
started screaming sh-t
i knew he was gonna die, and i would get thrown in the pit
emt showed up
they said the situation was kind of f-cked up
they knew he would die, blood bags just weren’t enough
all i could say was, “oh f-ck”
i know the media would take this sh-t kind of stupid
the gun was in his holster, so he looks innocent
but only i know he was getting violent
just wait for them to stay a bunch of bullsh-t just to get everyone excited

(scene 2: court, jury, witness, judge, defendant)
attorney: and this is what happened? you said a man tried to pull a gun on you cause he thought you -ssumed he was black?
cop/defendant: yes
attorney: but why shoot him, why not just taze him?
cop/defendant: we are trained to shoot with threatened, not to disarm, not to taze. just shoot when our lives or the public lives are in grave danger
attorney: that’ll be all
-an hour p-sses by-
jury: we hereby see the defendant, guilt. death penalty will be the punishment
judge: court adjourned

(verse 2: 21prodigy)
man you act like i wanted this to happen
you think i was feeling trigger happy
so f-ck you
where is someone who can understand me, where and who?
i’m not racist, but the public sees me that way
f-ck the media, my dead bed was finally laid
they asked for my final meal
i told them right now, hunger is not something i feel
they said that’s fine just call when you’re ready
my heart started to finally steady
i ordered my food and ate in silence
how come every other officer they just fired them
probably cause the media, people told lies to them
the officers walk through the door and put me in shackles
one said lets go as my cell door closed and rattled
i walked down the corridor
all the inmates just stared in absolute horror
i tried to explain, but they wouldn’t listen to me anymore
they put me on a table, strapped me in
i heard the doctor make a joke, he said that this would hurt a bit
he stuck the needle in my arm, yeah it hurt like a b-tch
but i didn’t throw a fit
looked at the tube
and i just watched the fluid, flow down my arm till it touched
it burned
it hurt
but it wasn’t done
i watched as my vision faded to black
and that’s the end of my life, and that’s that

-this song is dedicated to the police that have been accused of murder after shooting a man because he felt threatened. this is also dedicated to those who were innocent and died by a cop shooting. don’t judge the officer for what happened, especially if it came from the media, because you have no idea why the officer shot. till you do, just leave them alone and quick thinking all cops are the same. yeah we have crooked cops, but we have good cops that save lives, and whenever a fateful day arrives where the cop has to shoot a man, they probably provoked to do so-