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22 docile – the real dirty dan lyrics


[verse 1]
you b-tches scared when i pull up in your face
your crew got zero g’s, we call that outer sp-ce
but i ain’t do the case, i did the race
hocus pocus disappear without a trace (ha)

fire my gun, heat seeker like a missile
that b-tch you bet she suck my d-ck and then she kiss you
you b-tches crying, do we even got an issue
you b-tches crying do we even got a tissue (f-ck, f-ck)

all you f-ckboys, yeah, you best be out my way
i’ll pull up on you, make you dance like some ballet
you b-tches scared, i’m getting cake like a birthday
you b-tches call me santa ’cause i slay

i’m the real dirty dan
i’m the real dirty dan
i’m the real dirty dan
i’m the i’m the i’m the real dirty dan

[verse 2]
ice on my wrist cost like 5k
your music’s garbage, yeah, i throw it all away
out here eating, yeah, i call that a buffet
20k, yeah, i do that every day (f-ck, f-ck)

you know i’m in the stew just like a carrot
you repeat everything just like a parrot
the field where i grow my f-cks is barren

my first track was garbage to be honest
but now i’m making green, isaiah thomas
ya, f-ck, f-ck, f-ck, f-ck
f-ck, f-ck, f-ck, f-ck, f-ck

ball through with these j’s on my feet
i’m abusive ’cause you know i beat the beat
f-ck trump, k!ll his team with a tweet
vegetarian but she still like my meat (f-ck, f-ck)