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22-pistepirkko – you´re mine -blues lyrics


after working so hard

you came home so late

that´s great

your supper is cold

your wife at dope

if this is all you can offer

you may cook your own meal

you fall at sleep as soon as you reach

your bed

your wife is shouting,what you gonna do

she wake you up and you say

oh she wake you up and you say

why don´t you

why don´t you

just leave me alone

i´m tired, so tired

i don´t want to hear anymore

she told you

what she gonna do

she´s gonna have a real ball

big parties, good parties

lot of men s-x and drugs

you know what you miss

you don´t know what you missing for

she asks you what you think

and you only said

do that, what you want to

i don´t mind and i don´t care

you´re mine, you´re mine

i don´t want to hear any more