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.223jerm – opps clear out lyrics


play this record-
this is a certified hood cl-ssic

[verse 1: jeremy da great]
b-tch, i’m flexed up, see me with my pipe (bo-bo-bo-bo-bo)
got my goonies with the yoppa and a snipe (boom-boom)
real trap sh-t
take yo chains and yo watch and yo nikes (gimme that)
b-tch, i’m flexed up, see me with the pipe (graa)
b-tch, i’m flexed up, even at the store (like what the f-ck?)
got a choppa, that’s my toolie, grippin’ poles (boom-boom)
told that b-tch, gimme neck, ’till she choke (what the f-ck?)
all my n-ggas, shootin’ bullets like we throws (like what the f-ck?)

i just squat a plug, took his work (i took his pack)
i just ran up on the field, on his turf (on his turf)
r.i.p memo lizzie on her shirt (on her shirt)
i put that n-ggas ashes right in my purp (in my purp)

[verse 2: lil darkie]
i told that b-tch to stop, huh
f-ck all yo friends, they too rich to pop off
please step to me, i could knock your top off
n-ggas show no love, i know why you talk

soft -ss n-gga
light fell on the gas, n-gga
f-ck keeping all my friends
all that sh-t is in the past, n-gga
oh, you want some now, huh
why you never ask, whether
i was doing good
needed help inside this bad weather

act like you’re my friend
or i’ll -ssume you just gon’ use me for my talent
in the end those n-ggas always end up loosing, you in balance
ain’t putting in no time, don’t hit me just to talk
so don’t be asking for a dime when my wrist is rocked
(you don’t even hit my line, n-gga the f-ck?)

[verse 3: jeremy da great]
jugg them packs and we know that i swerve
n-ggas talking bullets ’till they -ss got burnt
yeah, i give ’em onnies, but they still won’t learn (aye, f-ck)
da-da-da-da, when it’s drive-by, hit curbs (skr, skrttt)
n-ggas try to press me, but they steal cash, b-tch
see me pull up, now his body in the ditch
i don’t give a f-ck, make it stun, he gon’ miss (boom-boom)
b-tch, i’m james hardy when i’m shooting with the wrist (oh, f-ck)
real trap sh-t

[verse 4: 83hades]
r-r-r-r-r-ride in the moshpit
light ’em up, he get’s shot quick
and i really make that top
spin the chopper, off him
never had sh-t, i’m not sober f-cking often (ofteeen)
moving weight, i put in work like it’s f-cking crossfit (crossfiiiit)
gimme-gimme top, b-tch, you finna ride this f-cking glock, b-tch
when you see me in the night, i’m with my f-cking goblins
i’mma turn that b-tch nostalgic, i’m really poppin’
i’m the master and lil’ b-tch you still a novice
stalking ’till he all alone, hear the knockin’
he a p-ssy, he don’t want no motherf-ckin’ problems
got a hole in his head and his skull, turn ’em dolphins
said that he wants static then we can get to shockin’
bring the glock in, bop-bop, 30 shots in his legs
yeah, i’mma crush as he ain’t walking

i don’t listen when your talkin’, i’m getting paid for talking
rvr3 is the set, lil’ b-tch, we on that squad sh-t
you are not apart of it, so back the f-ck up off me
chopper do ’em bad, chopper give his as the volley
yeah, i’m moving with narcotics, g
smoking collared greens
i just popped me a bean
take a few of the greens
i’mma really let it gleam
end the party with my beam
got a couple k!llas with me
couple k!llas with my team
i be burnt out, p-ssed, spill some wok on my jeans
i be stepping in margielas when i pull up to the scene