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22gz lyrics lyrics


[intro: 22gz and funk flex]
22gz, the general bl!cky, and i came here to spit with funk flex for hot97
you know what it is. funk flex. lil digital dj, ciroc boy. 22gz is here
bl!cky, the bl!cky we here
what’s going on my brother?
what’s good foo?
what part of town you from, for the people that don’t know?
flatbush brooklyn, we here
that’s what brooklyn sound like. so now, this is an extension cause i’m catching up, right. brooklyn drill?
definitely, hahaha, the general haha, himself, you know
oh, brooklyn drill general, that’s how you wanna be addressed?
ok, ok, ok, juanito what you got bruh?
axel, axel
brooklyn, we in brooklyn
i see how flex playin’
no run-in’ sh-t though
big gd sh-t word
free kodak, free them twirlers, word
uh, shoutout to flex, shoutout to hot97, we here
flatbush, 8th block, twirlers, uh

[verse 1: 22gz]
love spinning
all i care about is blood dripping
never let it slide, [?] until he die, me and mine hold a grudge different
i can see that he ain’t man enough
and we can tell that he ain’t gang enough
throwing bullets like the patriots
but what i’m airing let him hang it up
slide up on ’em with a long bl!ck
like john wick made his car flip
who the leader of this drill sh-t?
really slide through, vietnam sh-t
gang, gang, gang
yeah i dripping versace
these treeshas, they all on my body
bet he gon’ run for his life when he see what i stuff in a shotty
big facts
know they wonder how i did that
they gon’ be asking ’em “who shot ya?”
i got ’em feeling like big’s back
ay, big straps
hurt my shoulder with the kick back
say my name and it’s gon’ be a war
pull up, a hole’s in his six pack

[verse 1 outro: 22gz]
gang, gang, gang
twirl, the bl!cky, the bl!cky, the bl!cky, the bl!cky
y’all know who run this sh-t
gang, gang, gang, gang

[interlude: 22gz and funk flex]
i think we need another beat though
oh, you want me to switch up?
switch this sh-t, haha
it’s about time to get another beat on
hold up
oh sh-t
yeah, this sounding more like it, it’s that
hold up, spin it back, spin it back, spin it back
it’s that 22gz sh-t right there, i hear my self on that sh-t
funk flex, 22gz, brooklyn
we here, i’m nyc, h block, waddup?
brooklyn drill
that b-tch filled
that’s what i need to understand, brooklyn drill
haha, brooklyn drill
that’s what brooklyn sound like, that’s what new york city sound like. let’s go
waddup bruh
uh, fire
gang, gang, gang

[verse 2: 22gz]
move b-tch
i’m disturbing the peace got me feeling like luda
new drip
i’m rocking amiris this sh-t ain’t no buddha
hit in the stomach
all of his guts and intestines he threw up
got rid of the gun
i had to re-up on a new one
henny no georgies
spin through the floor c
i’m at the barclay’s and i got
treeshas, bye bye
tryna give orgys
backout i ain’t tryna end up on morey
too dripped out
black rain when the gang flip out
clips stick out
reload once this sh-t slip out
the bl!cky, the bl!cky, the bl!cky, the bl!cky
gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
uh, 22 the n-gga they rap ’bout
they ain’t the same when his strap out
if you ain’t know you should check on my background
if you ain’t dead they spin back round
met a lil treesha she’s tryna get slapped out
ended up blowing her back out
f-ck her on the balcony, i made her tap out
gang, gang
when we pinned up
keep that bl!ck tucked
if he trip up
he won’t get up
rest in p-ss to that boy that got hit with a hollow now he in gelato
and still free the twirlers, i’m screaming free kodak, i’m screaming free rollo
feel like tony montana want you to get left your a steppa like mono
with a treesha, milano
she driving a boat
she down to mescado
clapping like standing ovation
bro you gon’ chase him
i don’t do chaser
count h-lla gwop got paper
we inflict danger

[verse 2 outro: 22gz]
gang, gang
flock out a wrangler
twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl
gang, gang, gang
i know who run this sh-t

[outro: 22gz and funk flex]
you know what it is funk flex 22gz, brooklyn, brooklyn drill, hmm
you see us, we here