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22gz - brooklyn most wanted lyrics


[verse 1: 22gz]
why would i beef with some fake ass opps from the bronx? (suck my d+ck)
ain’t got the blixk on my waist then he probably get stomped (gang gang gang)
i know this one opp n+gga who died with it on him (hahaha goofy)
man down, broad day, boy blood got spilled in the morning (man down man down man down)
these mans too busy dissin’, they never performin’ (never performin’)
give it back to my dizzy i bet they can’t open the coffin (can’t open the coffin)
my lil oota keep spinnin’ and spinnin’ ‘til he in a mortuary (spinnin’ and spinnin’)
i’m a savage, i’m vicious, he speakin’ on bro so we torched him (so we torched him)
n+ggas get spliffed, don’t run, don’t trip (don’t trip)
we spot his car and we flippin’ his whip (boom boom)
bro caught a [?] with a glock with a+
he think he hard stop his heart with the blixk (blixk blixk)
i’m on nostrand (nostrand)
get the drop we gon’ spin ‘til we nauseous (spinnin’)
f+ck the talkin’ (f+ck the talkin’ n+gga)
covid mask on my face for the walk up (come here), we gon’ stalk him
for the clout they be droppin’ the rakes
kidnap a opp, pass the rope and the tape (pass the rope and the tape)
my lil steppa he won’t leave a trace (won’t leave a trace)
they gon’ find that boy head outta state (head outta state)
n+ggas ain’t active, he saw them flashes, soon as my blixky head tapped him (head tapped him)
soon as we catch him lackin’ (lackin’ n+gga)
catch him, better move tactic (come here)
head tap, he in unstable condition my stepper complete every mission (gang gang gang)
can’t tote the blixky if it ain’t extended, i dare him to reach for my [?] (blixk blixk blixk)
shooters masked up can’t get a description
hop out, knock off his head with the smithen
said it’s on sight, when we seen him we blixk him
soon as he made a wrong move he went missin’
first 48, they can’t tell if he dead
shots to the chest we ain’t hittin’ no legs
jump right back in the whip then we fled
all fun and games ‘til blood get shed (glltt)
[verse 2: bam bino]
i cannot wait ‘til i catch me a o (o)
up, ima throw (grrah)
back out the bl!ck, like (baow)
droppin’ the choo get hit, like (choo)
no we is not with the nonsense
we caught a opp and we beat him unconscious
every dead, hit his head (glltt)
shoot of the pegs, what he said?
hop out with [?], like (like)
bro, who the f+ck is this n+gga?
word we dustin’ this n+gga
he ain’t wooo k, ion f+ck with this n+gga
every opp shot for real
n+ggas don’t be on their block for real
switch on the glock for real (for real)
them n+ggas keep gettin’ dropped for real (glltt)
i cannot wait ‘til i catch me a what?
like, say that these n+ggas is b+tt
i got a choo and a blixk in the cut (choo)
it’s a wooo party, we bl!ckin’ it up (glltt)
hop out, st+rdy
opps in the air, it’s like 7+30
hop out, st+rdy
drippy da demon these n+ggas is dirty

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