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22ndays – keeps lyrics


and i’m a wedding rocker
i’m a reddish lover
no i do not want her, no i do not want her
and ima play for keeps
ima stay at peace
i know what you feel
when your next to meand i know what you feel
everytime we kiss
it’s like it’s not real
i don’t wanna lose you
i don’t want that feel
lately i been tripping at the f-cking fieldsi can’t really feel sh-t anymore
got the vibe low
with the weed smokeyou get me so high
i do not know wh
tired of all lies
ask me if i’m thinking twicei got lotta things that i haven’t told you
p-ssy poseidon in that sh-t
let me show youi’ll take you in and rip you out
just like some tofu
eat you in
and eat you out
until your wholefoods
void in my heart
and i’m feeling lame thoughi don’t wanna the cake though
baby gonna lay low
strip down
then go
low, wo
i been feeling light yoi got all c’s
and you could not be me
i been sipping tea
and watching all you pleadoh yeah, i’m sorry
guess i really gotta hit it like i’m bauwi
i don’t really know your name
it’s foggy
everytime we do drugs
it’s largelyand lately i ain’t feeling sh-t but the rain
hit the trees and the back
so we lay