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23:59 – american pie lyrics


don’t @ me

hate it or love it
i was raised on a budget
ain’t have a father for years
i traced it back to that money
was made a b-st-rd through money
mom breaks her back for that money
now i’m in the strip club
hoes shake it fast for that money
how typical
i be on my mystikal
still nothing physical
ain’t tryna end up in munic-p-l
now they got they hands out
you see ’em tryna get at you
the minute that you get it
no question, they tryna get it, too
i’m the best rapper without an interview
i’m high as seth rogen
frankly i think i’m jimmy too
honey d-ckin’ b-tches
100 zips in my living room
have ’em quoting tamia like
“boy, i’m so into you!”
but maybe i’m a little more davey
f-cking with that white girl
i went and got me a lainey
i’m sleeping with other people
trap game jason sudeikis
baby, what did you do?
i hit her -ss with that drake sh-t
hard not to floss
biggest boss, next to rozay
jealous ones still envy
i think i’m jose
no canseco
but i ball how the pros play
and i still don’t give a f-ck
what a ho say
‘less she say
i can get it if i want it
unless she was giving praise
of my performance
unless she said stay
and let me hit it in the morning
or, unless she told her man
“don’t come around here no more”
back to me balling
that money actually calling
i gotta direct the payment
and pick accounts for deposits
when opportunity knocks
make sure that door ain’t revolving
and you can’t buy happiness
but being broke is a problem
once you solve it all that other sh-t
gonna come and go
would never bite the hand that feeds me
if i’m unprovoked
but if that other hand beats me
i’m gone lock and load
word to timb and missy
i’ma lose control
stupid flow
i been known to keep a doobie rolled
truly i’m just tryna go commercial
like the super bowl
she bad and bougie
i think she just mad and moody, though
i’m not only coming off the dome
in the studio
she doing good
even though she a bit nervous
no bars, but i still get service
not greedy get favors i’ma return em
she my american pie
i ate her just like sherman
and she swallow like steve stifler
i might f-ck on her mom’s
i might finch her
i love bad b-tches
that’s my f-cking problem
she said she wanna get on top
i started from the bottom
i started from the bottom
she said she likes it on top
i started from the bottom
and everybody wanna be fly
’til you swat ’em