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23:59 – hardaway freestyle lyrics


ayy, derez deshon, yeah, yeah
nah, i’m just kidding, more like…
2, 3, 5, 9, yeah, yeah
i ain’t never ask n0body for sh-t
you can take it to the motherf-cking bank with ya
boy, i ain’t the one to play with, you better recognize
i got my weight up and i don’t exercise
had to…intellectualize
i took the smarter way
missed my dad most my childhood
they took my father away-ay-ay
young twenty hardaway
nah, young 23
the mvp, i deserve all the praise
i never slack or take off a day
not calling shots, i’m calling plays, yeah
old b-tches look at me differently
changed my whole life up, my style is so pimpery
now, everyone wanna try and be friends with me
is it cliche if it’s true? oh
i only write what i know
and let’s just be honest i ain’t really writing
these words all get typed in my phone
put so much work they think i’m ‘luminati
or, even, i might be a clone
i just flew back from the silicon valley
was geeked up and righteously stoned, yeah, yeah
b-tch, i got bars for days
your main b-tch calling me “darling” and “bae”
i f-ck her all night to a kevin gates album
i’m f-cking too fast for that margin g-ye
hustling. ain’t never starved a day
guess what b-tch, i ain’t bout to start today
these rappers be talking ar’s and k’s
but wouldn’t even shoot up the charts, okay?
motherf-cking menace, my life is a movie
my wife is a cutie, my ride is a newbie
my daughter is two with so many moana toys
up in her room it look like motonui, d-mn
b-tch, i’m the illest
feeling like michael jackson when he just made thriller
the only rapper in 2018 who never took xanax
and don’t have a ceiling, yeah
’cause i got dreams of living lavish
in the kitchen whipping magic
hit the sk!llet with the…
i don’t even f-cking know