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23:59 – jekyll lyrics


b-tches wanna f-ck
but my d-ck’s too big take it well
mother f-ckers wanna shake hands?
homie, don’t play yourself, uh
clowning rappers
i been godly, since the age of 12
before that, i hadn’t tried
so we may as well
say that i’m phenomenal
say that i’ma problem
say what the f-ck you wanna say
just know that i got it
i made something out of nothing
that’s the prophecy of profit
mom and dad didn’t make a baby
they made a deposit
now, i’m coming out the closet
made this in my bedroom
it still sounds like a million dollars, dog
still traffic drugs to these kids
children’s tylenol
now, they can see my music, all in color
that’s a xylophone
i just leveled up
at this rate i think i might evolve
i just f-cked yo b-tch
get my nut, then she dry me off
if i knew she was yo b-tch
i woulda f-cked her twice
mama taught me don’t say nothing
if you can’t say nothing nice
k!llin’ this sh-t
your b-tch on my d-ck and i love it
i pull that sh-t out in public
life is a b-tch and she sl-tty
give h-lla brain
i call her over to study
thorough as durrough, yeah buddy
rolling like a big shot
yeah, i’m smoking kid cudi
it’s that time of the month
so you know my d-ck’s bl–dy
then i’m over that b-tch, liike money
ain’t sh-t sweet, ooh, ain’t sh-t funny
fathering rappers, they’re always sonny
told her back that -ss up
’cause she’s always frontin’
young baby, birdman
i’m the number #1 stunner
i am dope as sh-t
cocaine i’m flushin
knock it out the park
long way from buntin
i want everything
’cause i came from nothing
well, everything
but the pain and suffering
like my white girl pale as f-ck
she don’t need no d-mn tan
yeah, i know you hate me
name a baller that you can stand
boy i got hoes from the san fran
to the grand strand
love to see my mom in a camaro
f-ck a grand am
i remember we ain’t have no car
b-tch, we was walking
sleeping on the floor
in an unfurnished apartment
looking at the sky
tryna wish up on a star man
now i’m writing for my family, guys
i think i’m seth mcfarlane
if i see a bad b-tch and she with it
then she can get it
ain’t a 10 she a 5950
that p-ssy fitted
if it wasn’t such a nice guy
i’d probably be pimping b-tches
with a name like curiousity
constantly k!lling kittens
honestly think i’m sh-tty at this rap thing
autotuning everything cause i can’t sing
never talking ’bout nothing i be rambling
on my french montana
i ain’t worried about a d-mn thing
but i done seen the struggle
and i done seen the hustle
when it rains it pours
like a beach is how we treat them puddles
ain’t no f-cking crystal stair
you better keep a pistol near
i just wanna make records
the same color as sisqo’s hair
if i’m being honest
i be dropping goat level sh-t
if i’m being modest
i’m in love with basic b-tches, boy
i think they the hottest
but they never love me back
so, i be sad