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247 took – bars lyrics


d-mn, the pills goin for the higher rate
get your hood, spark the wood like a fireplace
how the f-ck you ain’t a p-ssy and your wires fake
crack a n-gg- head, leave him red with a wire face
gun a n-gg- down, leave him dead in a higher place
chop 100 rounds n-gg-s scared see it in their face
imma get mines we can do it either way
easy or the hard feelin sleepy off the bars
creepin in your yard in a fleet of different cars
247 hood stars, backwoods and kush jars
i ain’t tryna catch a charge b-tch my rap sheet clean
will i really do this sh-t? b-tch my stat sheet mean
all you gotta do is think fore you go and do some dumb sh-t
most these n-gg-s snitching better watch who you run with
pay the most attention when they talkin on some drunk sh-t
won’t catch you while you fallin get the morphines sold the n-gg- slick
b-tches like some corners playin defense tryna catch a pick
character -ss n-gg-s playin roles bout to catch a clip
n-gg-s get to runnin but them bullets, they gon catch him quick
n-gg-s like some judges all they tryna do is catch us slip
fiend full of bosses got our operation runnin swift
i done took some losses but i never ever ever trip
get it at the crib n-gg- i ain’t gotta take a trip
n-gg-s playin kid games get that -ss supersoaked
f-ckin with that pure grain, b-tch we get it off the boat
all im tryna do is bubble like im bout to shake a c-ke
catch him while he walkin through the door hang him like a coat
outta rounds, turn to rambo i slice a n-gg- throat
im just living life my n-gg- getting money pipin b-tches
diamond got the bright on glisten why they wanna ice a n-gg-
i ain’t thinkin twice on n-gg-s
imma blow the lights on n-gg-s
threesome with some dykin b-tches
i dont f-ck with triflin b-tches
doin real good for myself now these n-gg-s mad
most these boys b-tchmade
n-gg-s i was built to last
p-ssy n-gg-s hesitatin
n-gg- i’m the first to blast
ratatoullie n-gg-s writin statements with they snitchin -ss
feelin like the garbage man how quick a n-gg- flip the bag
took your -ss a year took me a week
i guess i’m livin fast
while they standin tall
pride got em sittin on his -ss
since we’re on a different measure
hustlin got me sittin on some cash
i was moving anything n-gg- it wasn’t always bags
i was h-ttin any licks n-gg-
i was on the fast
made a k!llin off finessin
karma prolly on my -ss
i call these b-tches dead weight
a .45 on both sides
tryna duck the coast guard
bricks on the boat ride
break em down
hit the road
set up shop in your town
no takin big risks f-ck it
go an get the snow plow
mama said its better way to live
i dont know how
remember every moment of the struggle
even as a child
swear to god it’s hard stayin humble
livin in the wild
never let a n-gg- hoe you
always gotta stand your ground
try my best to keep it holy but these devils still around
free my n-gg-s in them cellys
i can’t wait till they get out
247 money getters
from the f we hold it down
beat her from the back
grab that neck
then i throw it down
beatin up them lips
then we switch
eat it till i drown
freak b-tches like a lot of d-ck
got it by the pound
got enough to share so bring a friend
b-tch its goin down
blowin on some musty -ss kush
you be smokin brown
n-gg- go and get a job
hustlin is not your style
jumpin in that water
but them sharks can spot you for a mile
n-gg- im so different i can’t fit in the crowd
i ain’t got no other choice n-gg- but to stand out
even if i ain’t had no other choice won’t put my hand out
cuz some people feel like you owe em so you work for the lot
all my n-gg-s be pistol totin for you boys with big mout
these n-gg-s be snitchin for rewards
get to pointin em out
i get to slidin in that p-ssy b-tch im doinkin you out
these n-gg-s done before they start
bring the forks to they mouth
but you know where f-ck the trap
gota forklift a pound
matter fact i take that back
i made a livin in the trap
choppin chickens pitchin pigeons made a k!llin in the trap
if you lookin and can’t find me
that’s exactly where i’m at
ridin dirty in a hurry gotta make it back to mac
even though these n-gg-s curvy
where i feel the safest at
if its a problem i ain’t worried
imma put one in your cap
see i really live this life
i just so happen to rap
one hand writin on the pad
other one holdin the strap
i dont really talk a lot
b-tch im speakin through these raps
and when i do open my mouth n-gg-
i’m only talkin facts
so i’m talkin to lil hay
i’m tryna talk him out some cash
catch me ridin with yo b-tch
tryna talk her out some -ss
i been smokin drinkin potion
everybody movin fast
got the monday round drums
everybody gettin smashed
whole team full of shooters
everybody wanna blast
member we had to take turns
we ain’t had enough mags
now we all choppa don
b-tch we lookin like the task
when we come we k!ll em all
we ain’t thinkin bout no mask
hit the mall and buy it all
b-tch we ballin like the m-ss
hit the o and get them pros
b-tch i’m ballin like a cab
b-tch them chopper crossed him over
it done dropped him on his -ss
thick b-tch with a lil swag
smack that -ss when i thrash
yeah this b-tch a dime piece
she a steed and -ss p-ss
throw my hands behind my head and get some head till i crash
compet-tion get dragged
n-gg-s recreate the swag
if i like it imma buy it
mother f-ck a price tag
like a junkie with the munchies b-tch i’m looking for cake
sorry i gotta leave baby can’t sit in your face
one more thing before i go need you to cry me a lake
so i can stuff the boat with dope and track it from state to state
stay on my feet i make it happen
i can’t sit round and wait
drop to my knees and bow my head and thank the lord i can pray
same sh-t same day
different sh-t same play
n-gg-s still can’t stop it and they know its on the way
i got quarterback options
i can pitch or i can skate
in the kitchen re rockin look like i’m whippin up a shake
i’m a get money n-gg-
f-ck wit get money b-tches
take her straight to the office
and invest in some children
even im the hall of fame im the best in the building
restretch and reseal em
remix and refill em
this gang is so dirty dont care if you k!ll em
get mines in a hurry no time for no chillin
these bands like dollars b-tch
im tryna touch millions
own a couple houses now im bout drop a building
all these mouse -ss n-gg-s run around
hear em squealin
gotta pocket full of benjis but i still be stealin
try my best not to be sinnin
but i still be k!llin
guess that savage is just in me
can’t get rid of the feelin
guess i always been this way
liked it the villain
so i did everything i wanted n-gg- cuz i was willin