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24hrs – number4 lyrics


what you keep blowin’ up my number for?
you at mickey d’s, you want a number 4, oh
this thing is sp+cey, you ain’t drove the wraithy, oh
f+cked this little thing that work at macy’s, eww (yeah)

then we hit the waffle house
twenty sauce ya b+tch, she run the waffle house (waffle house)
i f+cked you and your friend, h+ll you talking bout? (talking bout)
40 glock like dj, uh, it walk ’em out (walk ’em out)
12am in atl, yeah we kiki (yeah, we kiki)

she got that lil condo right out peachtree (right out peachtree)
rollie on me, i feel just like big meech (like big meech)
all these percs gon f+ck up lil kidneys (my kidneys)