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24line_d – get lit lyrics


get lit

ayo murder 2x

i’m feel like i’m ghost
what i’m frozen
starring popping lowly
what i’m coochie
i can never hate
who fakes
i been with my n-ggas
growing up nem

i been waiting nem
both claing nem
with my nem nem
getting lit nem
skrr ra ra ra
sku dum dum dum
getting lit nem 2x


she called on my phone like how u live nem
she said she used to see me on conner like broken nem
i been working hard b-tch
getting freezen
now i’m on another top
getting lit

i got all my chains
froze frozen nem
now i got my n-ggas
raring raring now
now we pop pop pop
flex flexin ya
mini mo
manimani mo

now a young n-gga flex
deeping on these banger’s
raring and we benzo
switching like we never hate
motor sport we driving
drifting into the trenches
i got my neck getting frozen
coz every day we lit

onde fled