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26 – sssshhhh! lyrics


ssshhh ssshhh keep it down it’s a studio
you could stay if you keep it low

i pop a bottle
i got fino in my double cup
but when it comes to oreos tho
i like em double stuffed

ssshhh ssshhh keep it down it’s a studio
you don’t know what to do in the studio
i got the lyrics, and the beat and the liquor tho
freak hoe bend over and touch your toes
woah d-mn look at that -ss go
been to gl-ss tree chi but i ain’t record
du big dreams big chain and big record

i hit a l!ck
you cash a check
i got a b-tch
you gotta rest
you caught for stealing flows
under arrest
you trying to get likes on the gram
i’m trying to hit a link for the fam
get a link, hermes mink
ice blue tint
i got the curry i got the sauce
i got it all whipping right in my pot
my girl in the kitchen
red dot
whatcha think
she gon take you out?
well if you talk
yeah she gon take you out