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279tyler – fr (rip fredo 2) lyrics


yeah, yeah
+reverse reverb+
get his ass gone

yeah, i think i went a lil’ crazy when i got my first rack, oh woah
but that ain’t sh+t no more made a hunnit more yeah let’s go
i had to pick up the phone the racks was callin’, oh woah
i fell in love with the lean i mix it right up in my soda
can you please stop tryna be me?
gettin’ so high yeah smoking on tree tree
backwood yeah it got me t.t
xanax it got me addicted
boy you broke you getting evicted
getting to the guap like i predicted
scope on the gun, hit him right from a distance
take that boy out of his existence
yeah, yeah, i f+cked right on his sister
that b+tch calling me mister
but i cannot be her mister
yeah my shooters ain’t gonna miss ya
but i’m sure your family will
getting money for real
get him gone for real
you a rapper you not real
and that’s for real
in these nmd pharrell’s
i’m keeping it real for real
r.i.p. fredo for real
i’m cracking a seal for real
+yeah, let’s go!+
(yeah, yeah, cracking a seal, yeah, yeah, for real, for real, for real, for real, i’m keeping it real)