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27reeves – *bonus* coldcoldcold lyrics


antarxtica airlines wants to take you on another flight
i’m alexa, here’s addict27 with the weather

[verse 1]
f+ck you fake unnamed rapper
always tryna give me h+ll
i’mma watch you end up in jail
go to h+ll, we’re just blowing up from here
i wanna see you disappear
you say that i ain’t sh+t
but even bigger people
say you won’t steal, they’re rare
that makes sense to me
and that b+tch wanna link with me
you gonna f+ck her with a strap+on
’cause her d+ck ain’t free
f+cking b+tch, pull up in florida
you’d be d+mned, pulled up in here
you get slammed, pull up with shooters
in the motherf+cking place you getting banned
they try to bring me back for clout
what the f+ck is that all about?
f+ck you lazy motherf+cker
you just thought it was a drought
f+ck are you talking ’bout?
everybody know that
you’re a motherf+cking cloutchaser, b+tch