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27reeves – southpxle/outro lyrics


[part i: southpxle]

i just got here to the f+cking south pole
got my life behind my back
and i’m all a+f+cking+lone
godd+mn, what’s the meaning?
quit calling my phone
yeah i’m finally secluded
this sh+t’s my home

[verse 1]
i’m so glad that i’m finally here
doing nothing all the time
i know that death is f+cking near
this song is like a polar opposite
it’s colder than my fear
beat is happy but i’m not
why the f+ck am i here?
got my mind f+cked up all the time
can’t get you off my mind
i know it’s not right
yeah i can’t get a life
it’s hard to find
i’m lost without you
shoutout yung soar, bury me to the floor

this sh+t make me wanna pour a four
but i know if i do i won’t be here no more
it’s time to lose myself like the past year
roll another blunt, south pole like it’s last year

i just got here to the f+cking south pole
got my life behind my back
and i’m all a+f+cking+lone
godd+mn, what’s the meaning?
quit calling my phone
yeah i’m finally secluded
this sh+t’s my home

[verse 2]
mela did this beat so this sh+t feels right
i hate you not really, disappear into the night
godd+mn, why do me and you always f+cking fight
this f+cking happy ass beat calmed me down alright
got myself too f+cked up to even care
can’t wait ’till i’mma be a millionaire
like lil wayne, take away the pain
k!ll myself and blow my brain
everyone fake and i just wanna be tame

[part ii: outro]

k!ll myself in the south pole
f+ck life, f+ck home
give me all the world you f+cking know
give me all this bullsh+t
that you wanna be with no one
trigger finger with the gun
yeah we’ll have a lot of fun
people don’t want me
but they always call me back
i heard that you heard that sh+t
and you f+cking stabbed me in the back
i f+cking hate you, you b+tch
give me a heart attack
the blue screen of f+cking death
is gonna make you get back
you f+cking b+tch