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27zodeine – stick2thecode lyrics


i one hitter quit these hoes
can’t love ya lil baby, stick to the code
jus got a new shotty, can’t wait to blow
twoseven, it’s our world n-gga
try to get disrespectful, face on a picture
no you can’t join the gang, you is not a member
swear my brudda got aim he be bowling pins
ayy ayyy
yea these b-tches start flocking, i just begin
and i know i’m too hard, won’t stop til the end
know you heard in world changer, don’t need a friend
i jus ask god forgive me for all my sins
all them losses i took, now i gotta win
swear these n-ggas not tough, why they all pretend
and i feel like the rock, i won’t f-ckin bend
ayy ayy
f-ck a opp
i ain’t hiding, you’ll see me when i’m poppin out
get ya thot, she a mtv wild’n out
every song that i drop gotta be hot
i stay out the mix, i don’t like to blend
my momma stay tellin me, watch ya friends
they watchin n plottin, stay on my 10
feel like book-m, i keep it about the benjis
show out
can’t be movin wit a blow out
i’m all in my bag, and they know now
i’m ballin like mvp
i ain’t even got a deal yet
n i know these n-ggas envy me
i ain’t gotta up da steel yet
start flagging and you gone see
i gotta get it forreal
i gotta get it forreal now
really tryna be livin in the hills now
really gotta put my momma in a benz now
came out the south side n-gga
bet ya ho got her mouth wide n-gga
put ya pride to da side if im f-ckin wit ya
wet his block jus like tide, when we come to get ya
talkin down on two7, we aiming missiles
that boy ball like detroit, d-mn he is a piston
purple strand, smoke exotic, got dirty p-ss
they won’t stop me from winnin, can’t let em in
i’m in this b-tch, go insane
i’m a f-ckin soldier
smashing these b-tches and smokin dosure
n-ggas hate on da gang
might jus gone expose em
know these n-ggas gone hate that im up now
young n-gga came up off my own sound
f-ck her first night, know dat she a bussdown
pipe down lil n-gga or get flushed now
i’m back on my bull-sh-t
won’t shoot at da air
we hit ya sh-t
something like pool stick
we get the backends
we chasin this sh-t
really tomorrow ain’t promised
was dat n-gga since zodeine came out of the womb
momma knew i was a star
and i swear i can’t wait to pull up to da hood
in a brand new sportscar
and my uncle be servin the junkies
the cookie, gelato, straight up out the jar
on gang
on gang
really don’t think he can hang
oh no
i was 16, juggin, robbing sh-t
now i’m finna put two7 on a chain
oh yea
all it take one call savage on the way
n-gga stoopid if he really trap where he stay
hopped in da booth to let my problems fade away
don’t say you down to ride if you ain’t really here to stay
two7 sh-t man
shoutout all my bruddas
hah, hah, you thought i was done
zodeine jus run up da funds
young n-gga never had to run
i swear that i know i’m the one
but i’m really not doin this sh-t for fun
i’m tryna be up like the sun
i know i’m a king in this b-tch
my brudda ad
i guess im lebron
i’m smokin supreme in this b-tch
that boy on unleaded
d-mn he is a bum
i’m all in da party
i really be jigging
now dese lil b-tches gone follow
need a bad ho rihanna
or some like a model
so i can pop me a bottle