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28homeboy – 1 to 1 lyrics


one to one, one to one that’s a judgment n-gg- go front, man
one to one, (1), one to one that’s the front man n-gg- go off, man
yes, a one to one, one to one
one to one is a judgment
one to one, one to one, one to one go to h-ll
n-gg- go here like i fell, okay

[verse 1: 28homeboy]
one to one are you for real
if you want it then you gotta chill (yeah), come chill
i’m a bag, i’m a bag n-gg-s go here like sacks yeah i’m set
n-gg- go rock (rock), (rock) yeah yeah rock
playboy rocky (ooh), (ooh), (ooh) let me talk
let me talk, talk to much rock
talk it all when n-gg-s go fall alone or what
talk alone, talk alone n-gg-s go here like ross if you want cologne
n-gg-s go here like ball, you can talk alone (talk)
let me drop that’s that, (that’s) (that), let me drop
that’s that again (ooh) one to one, n-gg- go fast that
fast way that’s that ya, ya

one to 1 watch it on tv, got 28homeboy on tv
watch it on tv, watch it on tv

(whoo) (whoo)