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29alan – get dd ! lyrics


watch out lil nig you get hit
came in dat bih wit my d+ck
came in dat bih wit my d+ld+
yeah my d+ck hit the floor
im in this bih wit timmy thick
i f+ck nigs in my sleep
n+gga suck me he so thick
n+gga f+ck me he so thick
im in this bih and im twerkin
i put vvs on my d+ck
dwight can’t wait to f+ck me
f+ck wit dwight you get (d+ck d+ck)
he pipin you down you get (d+ck d+ck)
i play wit my d+ck lil nig
i need some lotion lil nig
i need some d+ck for my ass
you know that cumshot dont miss x2
make you l!ck that sh+t lil nig
double d+cked down by my nigs
timmy thick is thicc
dwight howard want some d+ck
i got that precum that drip
n+gga in love wit my d+ck
i get that d+ck you get d+ck
2 twenty inch c+cks in my mouth
i get that d+ck you get d+ck
i f+cked that nig im his pimp
on my nut these nigs sip
i f+cked that nig he get bent
we in this b+tch wit big d+cks