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2birds 1stone – lyrical wits lyrics


lyrical wits

lyrical wits
lyrical wits
i’m on that lyrical sh#t
with these lyrical wits
these lyrical wits

verse 1
i’m a super saiyan lyricist
tell me what year this is
over 9000 so you know
i’m bout to k!ll this sh#t
i flip the script and k!ll the scene
deeper than a submarine
these lines i move between
got mc’s searching for
these sensu beans
that i’m just naturally gifted
i don’t need prescription
to heighten my vision
i strike with precision
this mic that i’m gripping
got rappers stuck in limbo
ducking these bars
i lyrically spar with the best of them
i haven’t pull my full effort in
still i am a veteran
these levels that you never been
can’t name a rapper i ain’t better than
if you can it’s evident
that you’re a liar
i always spit that fire
matchstick or a lighter
aerosol can or a molotov
once ignited i am a flame thrower
tell these rappers it’s game over
my main focus is to
bring lyrics back
as the main focus
quote it because its dopeness
rich within my brokeness
a dreamer within the hopeless
a sewer i float my boat in
underground til i’m notice
there’s no question that i wrote it
i can’t maintain composure
i’m reaching my final form

lyrical wits
lyrical wits
i’m on that lyrical sh#t
with these lyrical wits
these lyrical wits

verse 2
do you have enough brain power
to match the wits
or to come within an inch
or the breathe or the width
or the wherewith to even catch a whiff
of my lyrical gifts
you repeat yourself over and over just like a gif
i come ready to rap my presence is a gift
drag you clowns back to the gutter like my name was it
when i spit i’m half amazing and half fantastic
believe me that’s my shtick
and i’m sticking to the script
the directors
hannibal lector give you a lecture
make your body part of the decor
i’m higher than the project gates in section 8
my mind levitates til i elevate
pick the world up
and watch the earthquake
and the levis break
make no mistake
i’ll grill an mc like a steak
put his head on a stake
watch him tremble
watch him shake
and put him
in a car full of stars
with no brakes
and watch him go
over the cliff into the lake
come on lets celebrate
with champagne and some cake
what a shame you was fake
now we’re laughing til we ache
you could have been great
cut the heads off these snakes