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2chainzfanboy – stuntin (alex ireland flex) lyrics


[producer tag: homage]
this is a homage beat

[hook: 2chainzfanboy]
my hoes say i’m stylin i’m just stuntin on my island
stuntin on my island yeah i’m stuntin and i’m wildin’
50 karat gold b-tches checkin all my diamonds, yuh
flexing on my island

[verse 1: 2chainzfanboy]
pull up
drop that anchor now we rolling up
them irish women they be glowin up, yuh
juicy sippin’ on that coconut
she got a fat -ss and i’m ‘bout to bust it up
drunk as f-ck flexin’ out in dublin
tp boys yeah you know we mobbin’
that push tight got my d-ck throbbin’
we hit that savemart and we robbin’
you know how we do it b-tch do you got a problem?

[hook: 2chainzfanboy]
my hoes say i’m stylin come and stunt it on my island
50 karat gold b-tches checking all my diamonds
and i’m whippin’ in the kitchen, man you know that we been frying
yuh, yuh
shout alex ireland yuh