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2coldp – talking shit pt.2 lyrics



k!llin sh#t droppin sh#t, it ain’t new to me
stop talking like you know, you ain’t foolin me

[verse 1]

these goofys boosting on da gram
that is not us

pay me stop playin
b#tch you talk to much

when you hop up in da whip
don’t make it obvious

f#ck boy stop playin
you will not bust

k!llin sh#t droppin sh#t
it ain’t new to me

stop talking like you know
you ain’t foolin me

f#cked up all these checks
cuz it was new to me

only f#ckin wit the real
f#ck dat foolery

steady stackin wit my brothers
free the locked up

chasin chicken duckin feds
f#ck the cops bruh

that freaky b#tch wanna f#ck
but ion want too

i can’t f#ck on no b#tch
that been ran thru

they be actin like they know
but they don’t know sh#t

you ain’t never seen a punk ass
get his dome split

how you cappin on da gram
swearing like u a pimp

known well you ain’t
nun but a godd#mn simp

these n#ggas lookin like clowns
beefing over hoes

silly n#ggas don’t you know
that b#tch is not yours

white js on my feet
b#tch im ten toes

me and my brothers stay 100
passin b#tches like blunts

smoking dope so loud
im talking sh#t like runtz

catch a f#ck n#gga lackin
takin all his funds

these b#tches swear they ain’t hoes
but i know thats a front