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2dippy – takin over lyrics



[verse: 1 p2dippy]
comin’ out the norf 2 dippy takin over
it’s p2dippy if he trip grab the blower
all these snakes in the grass have bro grab the mower (ay)
run up in your pack take them chips like it’s poker
lil home, b#tch you a little thooter
i ain’t taking no cooter from a little fan viewer
talking tough on the ness spends his check on computers
coming to the real world he gets hit by the shooter (boom x2)
that’s me, see, the ho on her knees
i ain’t f#cking on that b#tch unless she throwin’ me the fee (ay)
she ain’t take up on that offer ima take it all for free (ima take it)
i was locked up in the cages they was screamin’ free p (free p)
like a b#tch op, 2d get it poppin’
lotta views goin’ up lotta bodies started dropping (boom x2)
heard some suckers saying funk so i gotta keep the rocket
i ain’t tuck it in the waist always keep it in the pocket (lil b#tch)

[verse: 2 tae2dippy]
thowin’ up 4’s while i’m beatin’ up her guts (ooh)
tell shawt throw it back cause you know i’m up
b#tch i need on my feet cause i stay with this fit (yah)
free brother mage when they all do is hit
{?} she know we gotta eat
and i stay with this pole cause i stay in these streets (yah)
bands come fast law{?}
i’m from tuc where it’s tuff so i gotta keep the heat
takin this b#tch cause this n#gga really be jockin’ (what)
ya’ll play smart because the feds will be watchin’ (ooh)
let the post speak, why you suckers always talking
whole gang in this b#tch no n#ggas just talkin
play with the chop have you, n#ggas, doing laps
playing for the net why these n#ggas all cap
we livin for the stand {?} (yah)
2d taking over get used to these raps

[verse: 3 icky2dippy]
he get hit by the glizzy if he talking on the net (boom x3)
big chop, 223’s they be rippin’ through his vest
one call get them gone let a n#gga try to test (ah)
2d comin’ up we don’t care about the rest
free my brother baby g he was {?} for the rest
n#ggas tuff on the ness slide down get em wet
toolie, pocket rocket is some blow, let them rest
2d takin over n#gga say it with yo chest
like my brother p said we just care about the wealth
get it in, get it fast then we on to the neck (ah)
2d takin over green light never red
on go never stress big glock leave em red
fat wood to the neck get smacked if he touch
green beam to his head (boom, boom)


[verse: 4 gleezy2dippy]
what is you sayin when you ride we will claim
b#tch its gleezy2dippy and i ride with a beamer (boom boom)
if a n#gga want smoke tell em come meet the team
2d ima see all my brothers about green
on god, n#gga i ain’t never fold n#gga
on my momma, i could never be a ho n#gga (never)
n#ggas talkin on the net where they gon’ figure
i need a team player b#tch, not no gold digger (uh uh)
babe ruth in it home run with the glock b#tch i’m shootin it
if the base double back and we shootin sh#t
i seen your bands be careful we’ll bust a b#tch
stupid, b#tch, dumb ho i ain’t subbin’ for the free
b#tch, i get it for the low (for the low)
why tf i’m finna run b#tch i got me a pole (pole)
you can call me the devil cause i take another soul

on the gang