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2eaze – down and out lyrics


[verse 1]
i’ve been down but can’t count me out
im moving up now a n-gga count the whole amount
no freestyle, my style i’ll lease it out
if your name hold weight you have the least amount
baby don’t listen to her that’s just her word of mouth
you see you rolling with a g so what you worried about
girl you get what you ordered like a waiter
2eaze get her wetter than a f-cking sailor
she fit all my measurements she really like a tailor
i fit in my residence i never see my neighbors
savor the moment your tuned in to the saviour
got your full attention i really couldn’t do it any greater
im burning up coming live from the equator
i like my b-tches poppin lara croft tomb raider
vroom take a whiff of that new car smell
100 plus on the dash and im like oh well
or au revoir, im high smoking out the jar
instead of more pounds i should’a bought another car
the slang around here we don’t pr-nounce are r’s
everybody going left i go against the odds
sippin thug p-ssion this sh-t got me sluring
never lose position got percision like a surgeon
she calling me a dog but i got that kitty purring
let me off the leash im running off with a purpose
drugs in the town more important than the person
everything designer keep the work in her purses
searching for curses, verses in he-rs-s
you can hit my line on the plane i got service
swerving in and out the stars like a martian
reality hoes after me and they marching
like this the oscars, im no imposter
they know i got the rings they tryna join my roster
ganja 2eaze smoke like a rasta
my diamonds shine brighter than a pop star
commotion on the street i know that you see me
shorty you don’t have to worry here go a c.d.,
so you can hear me, all my chicks fly
they rock c. dior or bcbg
you can beep beep me my phone like a beeper
i don’t hold the work his bm hold it in the beemer
them n-ggas get to looking so her email get to booking
she don’t call it hoeing but the bait they really took it
how can i debate she bring me bandz and i took it
right to the street, 4 digit grams how i cooked it
got no breakes can’t stop what we on
riding with a white girl celine dion
still in my primetime 2eaze sanders
high stepping to the endzone, interstate in rentals
credentials saying that im not the one to f-ck with
got beat the case money so i sell my drugs in public
snare on the drum give it up for the percussion
had to slow it down cause this beat is so disgusting
all i see is green you should know that now
everything a n-gga did well they do that now
man they use to talk down guess they love it now
but they still looking up when i come around
since back then i kno trag he gon feel me
in and out the booth making plays money filthy
then im off to nordstrom to have my suits fit me
fresh sh-t on to the next sh-t n-gga