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2econd avenue – light (fairlight pt. 2) lyrics


his glory never ceases; his mercy everlasting
my life is not my own and the light is great, believe it
pursuing for the kingdom, how much i must repeat this?
until i lose my breath or until we shout out freedom?
plenty things to finish, not for my fulfillment
he’s high up on the pasture; glory to our master
messiah like no other; peace unto my brothers
likewise to my sisters. well…
the enemy is jealous!
every second, by our choice to seek and serve god
another man saved! we’re overzealous!
-ssignment done, complete but our mission is far from completion
these are the last days and the coverage on the news? i got a heartache
please bear with me and some of them i know
hear sermons on the regular are still blind, artificial light
that’s horrible!
worst off than those who don’t know at all
when there’s god, there’s light
please don’t consider me as pessimistic
i believe in happy endings, and with christ, comes with it
yeah, if you believe of course; more than the fame and money
you can laugh and chuckle, but it isn’t funny
ye are the light of the world rejoice for he has risen
receive as much in the light further from plain sight
out of the ordinary, exceeds the customary
piercing out the darkness, penetrate the heartless
the sins we sacrifice? are the sins we start with
can i get a witness? witness?
yeah, yeah! words from the wise, the word that’s divine
his word is sublime word? word?
word! there more that just words
it’s a lifestyle! it’s the medicine!
it’s the sedative, for the pain you suffered from this world
from the strain you’ve endured for sho!
another day, another day, another day
good days, bad days, all days, appreciate!
in addition, we should never give up
in all light therein, god is enough
our l-sts, our pride and every dirt inside
of us light will permeate and preside
my man god’s child indeed he’s god’s child
he told me if you speak of light, you speak life
and if you speak of darkness, you speak death
he wants to see you clean than be a big mess
one-time for those who speak the gospel
who rather see you joyous than hostile
as the critics gives props to tom cruise
i give props to this dude named com truise
love always, to every one of you
while you are breathing, engage in good fruit
h-llo society, you’ve seen better side of me
by the most high, he’s given me sobriety
beginning is the ending; ending is the beginning
transfiguration by his holy son
manifestations, revelations from the holy one
welcome to the unknown, crossed the seas to see you
traveling the many seas, capturing the sea’s food
and when we celebrate, we serve it up with sea food
and the light was designed to see through
temptation, abomination
time’s pacing, across the nation
the kingdom’s coming keep your guard up
how many years left? not far off!
by the way, my name is 2econd avenue
i came to spread faith, not here to battle you
there is redemption; he’s the ascension
worthy for worship; jesus is worth it
no shame to tell it; got to profess it
in this day and age what are we? rebellious!
for sin? nope [man], for grace dude
i’m still talking? how come i haven’t blown a fuse?
this is a gift from me sending this out to you
don’t be the world’s fool; don’t be serpent’s food
pray to god, so it won’t consume you
god bless you! god bless you! and that’s all i got